What is karma on Reddit and how do I get it?


What is karma on Reddit and how do I get it?

Karma is a user’s social rating that indicates their popularity on the service. It is calculated based on increases and decreases per 1 user. Having good karma gives you more privileges, allowing you to create your own social network and get a large audience coverage.
To improve karma on Reddit, follow these rules

1 Discussion of political topics

In order to get karma, there are no prohibitions on discussing politics or a specific person.

2 Active commenting on posts on AskReddit

It is worth looking at the popular subreddits on Reddit, which have a lot of comments under the messages. You can leave a comment and you will be noticed.

3 Reposts on /r/funny

This is a subreddit where there is always a stormy discussion of any topics. Users often communicate with each other using memes, which helps to increase the karma of their accounts.

4 Checking your own posts

Subreddit often subjected to condemnation of plagiarism by users on their profiles. It can significantly lower your karma. Therefore, to avoid this, it is better to discuss current topics, post the necessary subreddits, and then your profile will get more coverage and karma will grow.

5 The answer should be clear and creative

Subreddits always have a lot of questions that come to them from colleagues. To help them, you have the option to add content to your blog, thereby increasing your karma.

6 The increase in the number of posts on the subreddit

As an active Reddit user, don’t stop writing to the subsections you participate in. This is necessary to increase your karma. However, you should follow certain rules for each subreddit, since some publications may be considered spam by the administration.

7 Voting

This is the easiest way to get karma. The main goal is to get 10 votes, which will be converted into 10 karma points.

8 Be the one to earn it

To do this, you need to be the first to report news or create trends. This goal is achieved by subscribing to and including notifications on news or entertainment sites.

9 Frequent visits to trending subreddits or the most popular ones

First, you need to find subreddits with a large audience coverage. Then leave a comment, prompting people to discuss it. The main thing is to adhere to the rules of the selected subreddit.

10 Choosing the right time

Most Redditors are online from 8 am to 11 PM. At this time, you can get a quick response to your comment, which will increase your karma.


Having a high rating not only gives you privilege to use the service, but also allows you to distinguish an account from spam.