How to start receiving traffic from the US. Reddit marketing


Nowadays it is difficult to find a business that would not advertise itself on Facebook or Instagram. But the truth is that to be seen on these resources is not so simple as it was before. However, I want to reveal the secret: there are other, yet untrodden paths. Well, not completely untrodden paths, they are fairly trampled, but in our latitudes are still unpopular. Therefore, I would like to share with the information on working with such an unpopular Reddit network in the Soviet space. And, if business activity is focused on the American market, you should be there.
Marketers in B2B start-ups often avoid this resource, because working with it requires a lot of time and efforts. However, I am convinced that by approaching the matter wisely, all energy demands are more than reasonable. With the right approach, your efforts will pay off in the form of additional traffic, quality leads and downloads. And the trick, of course, is in the content and in the creation of advertising campaigns that clearly take into account the specifics of the Reddit platform.
1. What is Reddit?
Reddit is a social news site, often referred to as the home page of the Internet. I agree, it sounds immodest, but nevertheless it’s true. According to the rating SimilarWeb Reddit takes 10th place in the US and 25th place in the world list of popular Web sites. The resource boasts 8 million unique views per month and 234 million users.

Reddit is a unique social network with its own characteristics: for example, on Reddit no one is interested in the number of your friends and who they are, but the huge importance is played by what content you share with others, and what information benefits you bring to the users of the network.
2. What is the benefit of posting on Reddit?
Users of the network are a young, educated audience, interested in technology, innovation and what is happening in the world. According to research provided by the American analytical center PewResearch Center, the typical person of the network user is an American, whose average age is 35 years old, with an annual income of $ 70,000. How do you like this target audience?
Reddit consists of highly specialized topics – “subreddits”. And before you start planning the advertising activity, you need to study in detail the target subreddits for the product.
To search the target subreddits, use the internal search (by keywords), content search (the search shows a list of subreddits by the number of keyword references), or the resource.
Reddit is not the easiest platform for work, but it has a great potential for the promotion of products and traffic attraction from the USA.

3. What to begin with?
First of all, for working with a network it’s needed to become “a redditor” –this way the network users call themselves. Notice: the only registration is not enough. It will be needed a time for getting acquainted with the general rules of the platform and separately with the behavior rules in the suitable subreddit topics, because they can be very specific for the different communities.

As you have found the suitable subreddit, you need to allocate the time for learning it, in order to exclude the time wasting on subreddits. Take a look on how the community is active, pay attention to the users’ quantity, the last link update and how active do they comment on news.

Shortly speaking, the main activity of the platform consists of posting the links and texts as well as writing comments. In addition, “the redditors” can vote “for” (upvote) or “against”(downvote) the links and comments, depending on how the information you shared was appreciated by them and whether they agree with your opinion. These votes are very important: the more positive votes the link obtains, the higher rating the news in list obtain, and thereby obtaining the possibility to get on top positions – where everybody would like to be.

In addition, these votes affect on the users’ karma: the more “for” votes, the more points in karma.

“Karma” – is a kind of the activity identifier of users and network status, formed on the basis of how often you comment, like and post the information. For example, some subreddits don’t allow posting the links, if the user doesn’t have the sufficient quantity of karma-points.
That’s why I recommend you to revise the new and the ascendant in popularity links and comment on them – that’s the quickest way to earn the initial number of points. At a later stage, it’s worth to concentrate only on those subreddits, which are suitable for you in terms of the target audience. Only after, it’s needed to build the communication and gain the authority and confidence of users.
While working with the definite subreddit, it will be useful to take a look on the redditors’ posted content, the top topics and which links are more commented, and then, try to adapt your content basing on this information.

Be careful while sharing with the content: try not to spam, because this is way to be banned forever. And if you are posting your selling content, try to comment on others’ links. There is no point to post the same news within many different subreddits because it can be considered as a spam. Please adhere to the unspoken golden rule of Reddit 10:1 which means – one of 10 links should lead to your content.
Obviously, the content should be relevant, interesting and appropriate to the topic of the subreddit.
Avoid the yellow headlines in the spirit of “You will not believe what happened afterwards!”, although the users sin in a like manner. In addition, titles should correspond to the information by the link in order to the users do not have a dissonance when clicking on the link.
4. Be useful!
There are available two variants of the content on the platform, namely “Self-posts” and “Link-posts”. Please use both of them, answer questions, share with the expertise and experience, and build a reputation.

“Self-posts” – shall allow you to start a dialogue with users of the relevant subreddit and show yourself as an expert in a relevant area. This type of posts helps to build trust-based relations.
“Link-posts” – shall lead to the content out of the platform. I repeat one more time that before posting, please remember that the content should be interesting and relevant to the subreddit. Try to follow the golden rule.

5. Advertising on Reddit
Reddit allows you to place adverts within targeted subreddits. In that case, your post will be placed on the top of the page. The cabinet’s setting is the very basic, you can target by location, interests and subreddits. However, keep in mind that some major subreddits will have a block for advertising and you simply will not be able to add them to the list for targeting. The Reddit advertising platform works by the auction system. The minimum amount of promo is $5, but obviously this amount is not enough for an advertising campaign.

Working in the B2B segment, I can say that the click costs on the average of $1, although colleagues, who are in charge for promoting the apps, say that the price per click waves in the range of around 10 cents. In other words, the possibilities are unlimited and relatively inexpensive.
Certainly, I must warn you: more likely that for the first couple of times you will fail. You can even be banned, but in the end, you will definitely find the most preferable strategy that will work for the product. Moreover, it is worth it!
Try to create a custom landing page for Reddit, test it, and monitor the traffic progress by Google Analytics.
Test different types of headlines, content topics and posting time.
There is no single appropriate solution. Your product is unique just like the platform itself.

Analyze it. Try it. Take the time and efforts!