Ethical Policy by Reddit Marketing PRO

As ethical marketing grows its impact around the world, Reddit Marketing PRO founder and team members have developed this document to provide our customers with the thought-out Ethical Policy we are guided in our business.

The mission Reddit Marketing PRO holds is to provide small businesses and early-stage startups with higher recognition of their activities by providing real talkabouts and brand-based discussions about them throughout the web.

In our work, we do not just advertise companies and products, we strive to increase the audience's interest in them organically, through conversations and discussions in the public online space. This is more than traffic generation, it is an opportunity to discover new products for the audience, that is, a mutually beneficial process. We raise awareness through discussion, but we don't force people to form their own opinions. This task is solved by the participants of the discussions themselves, based on their experience, expertise, and opinion.

The Responsibility Is Above All

We are well aware that the power of a word brings not only an effect but also a high responsibility. We understand the power of social media today because it is a source of information and it shapes public opinion. We are not a service that provides bots. This is done by completely different institutions. We set high standards and produce content that can resonate with the audience and generate organic interest in a business or product.

It is especially important today to strictly cut off the promotion of explicit content like racism, fascism, slavery, incitement to violence, and illegal types of content. For these purposes, our team makes every effort. We manually moderate all orders and types of content for which our team is responsible. We strictly adhere to the set high standards and strive for excellence every day.

We encourage each of our clients using the Reddit Marketing PRO services to carefully read the following information. By reading this part of our Ethical Policy, you automatically agree to be bound by its standards.

Reddit Marketing PRO prohibits and strives to prevent the use of the following types of explicit content & topics in promotion and discussion.
  • Violence. It is forbidden to call for violence or express threats of physical/psychological/economic violence against anyone.
  • Terrorism/extremism. It is forbidden to promote the ideas of terrorism or advertise organizations whose activities fall under the definition of terrorist/extremist.
  • Sexual exploitation. Including sexual exploitation of children. We do not accept such content on our resources and reserve the right to bring its owners to justice.
  • Abuse/harassment. Bullying, harassment, and abuse issues are strictly prohibited when using Reddit Marketing PRO services.
  • Hate. We strive to provide information and promote content to our customers in a positive way. Hate is prohibited by Reddit Marketing PRO standards.
  • Suicide. We are against the impulse to self-harm and suicide. Please don't force us to ban you and your suicide-claiming orders.
  • Sensitive content. As much as you don't want to attract hype, Reddit Marketing PRO condemns and prohibits the use of sensitive content, including videos and photos with scenes of violence and gore.
  • Nudes provided without permission. We prohibit the use of nudity images taken and shared without the permission of the person depicted.
  • Information capable of influencing a civic choice. Political promotions, and content that manipulates public opinion about civic choices are prohibited.
  • Impersonalization of individuals, communities, and groups of people is prohibited.
  • Fake or yellow page media. We prohibit posting links to manipulative and fake media resources.
  • Fraud on trust. We strive to protect our customers and their audience from fraudsters. We also filter possible schemes of trust fraudsters.
  • Fraudulent discounts. We also warn that attempts to promote fraudulent discount offers, the purpose of which is to steal bank card data, are prohibited by Reddit Marketing PRO.
  • Phishing schemes cannot be used in collaboration with Reddit Marketing PRO services.

Your freedom ends where the freedom of others begins. Please comply with the terms and standards of our Ethical Policy in order to successfully cooperate with us in the field of increasing awareness of your business.