Terms & Conditions

Reddit Marketing PRO and its related products&services and all the team members including the founder Denis Zarytsky (in further called also “we”, “us”, “our company”, “Reddit Marketing Pro”) had developed that Terms&Conditions document (in further called “Terms&Conditions”) to warn its customers and clients (in further “Client”) about the terms and conditions of use of the website that the company provides to its Client. That Terms of Use Agreement describes in detail every aspect of use and communication on the website. By reading that document you fully agree with all these terms and conditions. If you disagree with any point listed in the document, you are prohibited to use the website and services provided by Reddit Marketing PRO. In this case, please, leave the website immediately.

Reddit Marketing PRO reserves the right to provide changes, limits, replacements, and modifications of this website as a whole and this page, particularly at its discretion. By using the website after all these changes, limits, replacements, and modifications were provided, you agree with them and the terms of use of the website.

Main Definitions

We use the following definitions in this document for the convenience of comprehension.
  • Account” refers to the registered login access point provided for our company’s customers or users of the website.
  • Registered User” means any user who has created an Account on our company’s website.
  • Client” is the term we use for users who purchased services or products we offer on this website.
  • Users” are the common definition for all the visitors on our website including Customers and Registered Users.
  • You” is the term we use when appealing to any User who reads the document.

About Reddit Marketing PRO’s Website

The main intention of our website is to promote and inform Users about actual marketing services our company offers. With this website, our Customers can create an Account and purchase services and/or products Reddit Marketing PRO offers.

Representations and Warranties

By reading this document, you represent and warrant that you are a living person over the age of 18. If you are over 13 but under 18, you must show this document to your parents or legal guardians to confirm that they agree with your use of this site.

You warrant that the data you provide to this site is honest and up-to-date.

You warrant that you are using this site solely in good faith, without endangering third parties. The Reddit Marketing PRO website operates following US law, as it has a US registration. You also warrant that by visiting this site and using the services of our company, you do not violate the laws of your country or the country from which you access this site.

Website Owners and Licenses

You are warned that Reddit Marketing PRO, represented by founder Denis Zaritsky, is the full owner of this site and all associated content, including all intellectual property rights to content published on the site, on behalf of the site, or affiliated resources associated with the site. All intellectual property of the site is protected by law, and the User has no right to use the information and intellectual property of the site for purposes not indicated in this document.

In particular, the following procedures are prohibited: framing, scrapping, aggregation, reverse engineering, hacking activities, and independent modification of this site. We also warn against the republishing of information, the presentation of the content of this site, duplication, and copying of information for commercial purposes. The site license rights are solely granted to Reddit Marketing PRO and there is no exception to these rights.

In turn, our company guarantees the User a revocable limited license without the right to exclusivity, royalty, sublicense, and assignable access. If you violate the terms of use of the user license and use the site for commercial purposes or the purpose of modification, your limited access license will be canceled.

Intellectual Property

All trademarks, brands, and copyrights appearing on this site, whether registered or owned by common law, are the property of their respective owners. Accordingly, all images and photos presented on the site are marked with copyright and are the property of Reddit Marketing PRO, unless otherwise indicated on the site. All marks of Reddit Marketing PRO, including the company logos and the Reddit Marketing PRO name, are the property of the company. Brand colors, site design style, and corporate elements used on this site are the property of Reddit Marketing PRO. Unauthorized and illegal use of brands, names, logos, corporate elements, and brand colors owned by Reddit Marketing PRO is prohibited. The exception is cases of collaboration, sponsorship, approval, association, connection with Reddit Marketing PRO, agreed with the founder of the company.

Accounts and the Use of the Website

We allow visiting and using this site free of charge. You can create an Account on this website at any time free of charge. In your Account, you get access to the following operations:
  • Working with the website dashboard,
  • Entering personal information in the profile of your Account,
  • Browsing services and products available on the site,
  • Purchasing of services and/or products available on the site,
  • Carrying out payment transactions on the site.
  • Viewing transaction history.

You also have the right to add, change and delete personal information in your Account.

When you agree to use the Reddit Marketing PRO website, you consent to receive newsletters from our company and third parties. This newsletter can be canceled in your Account at your request. We do not discriminate based on personal data collected from our customers. You can learn more about the policy of collecting information and using the personal data of Users in the Privacy Policy, available on our website.

You are required to provide true, current, and complete information within your Account. You are also required to update personal information when it changes to keep it up to date. We oblige Users to provide personal information relating only to a specific User, one that does not discriminate, impersonate, offend or harm third parties. We also oblige you to adhere to the rules of conduct on the site, which do not allow you to restrict the freedom or violate the rights of third parties using the site. Reddit Marketing PRO reserves the sole right to change, delete, monitor, or disable the information of users who violate the terms of this document. We have the right to block your access to the site, refuse to provide services, or remove information without prior notice, at our discretion. In turn, Site Users are obliged to refrain from attempting to harm Reddit Marketing PRO by their actions on and off the site.

The User should to prevent unauthorized access of third parties to his Account. The user uses his email and the generated password to gain access to the Account on the site. It is forbidden to transfer passwords from the Account to third parties. The User agrees to bear full and sole responsibility for the safety of access to his Account inviolable. Only the User is responsible for purchases and activities made through his Account. In the event of unauthorized access to the User Account, the User agrees to the obligation to immediately notify Reddit Marketing PRO using one of the methods established for contact. The User agrees to maintain the integrity of Reddit Marketing PRO from any damage that may arise in connection with the use of the Account.

The User has the right to delete their Account on the site. You can do this in the Account Settings section. Please note that once a User decides to delete their Account and takes action to delete the Account, Reddit Marketing PRO completely waives the right to maintain and store the user's data, their data history, and other information contained in the deleted Account. The Company does not provide Users with the information contained in the deleted Account, except as specified in the Privacy Policy. Please, if you decide to delete your Account on the site, save your data and information in advance.

Payments Policy

When you purchase on the Reddit Marketing PRO site, your payment is processed by a third party, a payment transaction service company. For the duration of the payment on the company's website, you agree to the terms of use of the services of the third party processing the payment.

Our company reserves the right to charge a commission or fee for making payments at any time. Also, for the duration of the transaction, you agree to pay commissions, fees, and taxes established by the payment system or the government of the country in which you are located.

Product Prices and Availability

As Reddit Marketing PRO is a US-based company, all the prices for the products represented on the website are indicated in US dollars. The company reserves the right to change products’ specifications and services offered on the website without preliminary notifications.

Prohibitions for the Use

Each User, by reading this document, guarantees the use of this site exclusively within the framework of the law, without violating the rights of third parties, charters, and regulations established by law, without violating the established rules for using the site.

We strictly prohibit the following activities on our website:
  • Publication and distribution of content that violates the intellectual rights of others; falls under the concept of explicit content; calls for destruction and terrorism; calls for physical/moral/economic or any other violence; promotes hate, bullying, discrimination, intolerance towards any sign of personality (race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, etc.); refers to arms trafficking, gambling, distribution of prohibited products; supports or defends anyone associated with crime; refers to fake personalities, scammers; provides intentionally false or misleading information; collects personal information of third parties; violates any condition specified in this document.
  • Using algorithms, robots, and scrapers to extract information from this site.Intervention in the management of the site, a deliberate increase in the load on the site's servers.
  • Attempts to gain access to the Account or personal information of third parties using the site.
  • Attempts to circumvent the site's security systems.

    If you notice similar activity from other Users or witness a violation of the rules of this document, please let us know.

Mobile Access

The site provides full access to all its services and pages via mobile devices. Mobile access is provided for free. We warn you that your mobile operator or wireless Internet connection provider may collect standard fees and charges for access to the website.

Communication Decency Act, Section 230

You acknowledge and accept the fact that Reddit Marketing PRO is an interactive computer service provider acting in accordance with Section 230 of Communication Decency Act. Reddit Marketing PRO is not a responsible information provider and the company has no responsibility for any content provided by third parties both on the website and beyond it.

Links to Third Parties & Affiliates

You agree that the Reddit Marketing PRO website may contain links to third-party resources, services, and sites. The content and security of these links are outside the responsibility of Reddit Marketing PRO. By clicking on these links, you assume full responsibility for further actions. Also, links to third-party resources posted on the Reddit Marketing PRO website do not constitute recommendations, advice, or inducements on the part of the site and its owners.

Endorsement Policy

On the Reddit Marketing PRO website, there is sometimes mention or information about third-party products, services, people, or companies. Our company is not a party of interest and does not endorse such references. All references of this kind do not constitute an endorsement and official position of the site, they are provided for informational purposes only. Reddit Marketing PRO is not responsible for the accuracy of the data provided by these companies, services, products, or people.

Termination of Agreement

This document may terminate as long as the website exists. All its parts are fully forcing the activity of any User. At the same time, Reddit Marketing PRO can terminate this agreement at any time without any notifications, and for any reason including the issue of violation of terms and conditions listed in the document.

Warranty Disclaimer

Reddit Marketing PRO acts as the provider of the services and products featured on this site. All services and products presented on the site are provided as is, without guaranteeing a certain effect, result, or achievement of a certain goal. All responsibility for the goals, result, and effect lies solely with the Buyer.

At the same time, the company does not bear any responsibility for the content, advice, services, links provided on the site by third parties. The company is not responsible for problems with the Internet connection, problems on the side of the hosting provider of the site, problems with your computer or mobile device that prevent you from accessing the site and its capabilities.

Liability Limitations

Reddit Marketing PRO is not liable and will not be liable for the issues of damages or injuries you may get while using the website or out of using the website. The company is not liable and will not be liable for consequences you may get due to the use or misuse of the company’s products including but not limited to incidental/occasional damages, reputation/business/income losses, and other issues. The maximum liability we have concerns the money you pay for our services. You are fully familiar with this fact and agree with it.

Indemnification Disclaimer

You agree to protect and avoid harm you can cause to Reddit Marketing PRO and its staff by your actions connected with the use of the website. This also refers to all the agents, successors, and assigns correlated with the website.

Your responsibility for violating the law on the prevention of violations in the company's protection control system. Reddit Marketing PRO independently regulates the defense and has every right to use the services of a lawyer of its own choice in case of violation of the rights of immunity and violation of any situation on your part.

Transfer of Rights and Obligations

Each User is aware of his responsibility for actions and agrees with the prohibition to transfer his obligations in relation to the company to third parties.

Dispute Resolution and Jurisdiction Questions

To avoid conflicts with applicable laws, please be advised that all terms & conditions of use of this site are interpreted, developed, and enforced in full compliance with the laws of the United States of America.

All arbitration between you and Reddit Marketing PRO will be made by the executive authorities of the United States with respect to any matter, including all disputes regarding the quality, scope, timing of the services provided, your activity on the site, use of site content, violation of the rules of this document and other rules presented on the site, money disputes, other cases. All arbitration will be conducted only by a licensed person in full compliance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association and the federal laws of the United States of America. The obligation to pay all associated costs and commissions lies with the losing party. You and the company agree that arbitration will be the primary forum for your disputes. You and the company agree that the arbitration will be conducted following the federal laws of the United States of America.

Master Services Agreement

You and Reddit Marketing PRO agree on the fact that your relationship is also supervised and controlled by Master Services Agreement. In case of conflict as to the terms of this Agreement, Master Services Agreement may intrude and regulate the conflict.


Even if any postulate or statement from this Agreement turns out to be invalid or unenforceable for one reason or another, the remaining clauses of this document remain relevant and have full legal status. They retain their full power.

Integration with Other Documents

With this paragraph, Reddit Marketing PRO confirms that this Agreement between the User and the company is supplemented and enhanced by additional documents presented on the site. These documents include Privacy Policy, Ethical Policy, and Refund & Guarantee Terms.

You acknowledge that you have read and agree to this provision of this Agreement.

No Refusals

You agree that any term or definition listed in that Agreement won’t be refused and abolished without the presence of a written and signed form by the party that initiates it.

Protecting Children's Privacy

Strictly adheres to the Children's Privacy Protection Act Online. This means that the site does not allow the collection of data from persons under the age of 18. In the event that a company inadvertently takes such data, it deletes it following its security protocols.

Terms of Expiration for Causes of Action

You agree that any cause of action that arises from your experience of using the website, purchasing the company’s products and/or services, related to your interaction with Reddit Marketing PRO should be initiated no later than a year after the occurrence of the issue. If you fail to claim the cause of action within this period, it will be hard for you to get any relief.

Rights’ Reservation

All the rights both indicated in the Agreement and not indicated there are reserved for Reddit Marketing PRO.


If you want to provide us with any feedback on the Agreement, please, write us to Reddit Marketing PRO’s email.