Secrets about attraction of traffic from Reddit

Secrets about attraction of traffic from Reddit
In this article will be discussed the paid attraction of traffic from Reddit. It is suitable for the Western segment, as well as for Russian niches.

Advertisement on Reddit: introduction

The publication of an ad on Reddit – is a quick way for attraction of the super-targeted traffic to the website, when you’re not facing the problem of getting the positive votes and learning the rest of posted notes during the day.

For launching of an advertisement campaign, it’s needed to click the link “advertise” (to post an advertisement) in the bottom of the page or enter the following page:

On this page you will need to upload an image for your ad. It should be a picture of the JPG or PNG format in size of 70×70 pixels. The content of the image must be clearly visible and match the ad.
The title of the ad should be simple.

For example, quite recently a certain company, engaged in the production of chairs, posted an ad on Reddit. And instead of using a boring headline such as “Just released a new work chair and want to tell Reddit users about it,” they decided to address the problem that this chair solves: “If you’re interested in computer games, you need to take care of a chair for your working table.”

In my case, the picture shows a T-shirt with clever text. I just took and wrote on the picture what is written on the T-shirt. You can choose the type of ad: link or text.

Ads-links are used to direct users to your site; with a maximum number of characters in the title is 300. The text ads are effective in the case of an advertising campaign or in situations where it is necessary to collect a few reviews or start a discussion.

Inside the text ads, you can also place the links, but users will first have to click on your ad, scroll through the text, and only after that they will be able to click on your link.

The Url field does not require the explanation. You can direct the users either to your site or directly to an affiliate link, as I did.

After clicking on the “next” button (further), we will be found on the page of choosing the target audience and setting the budget.

The audience selection can be proceeded in two ways: “Interests” – allows to post an advertisement in a few subreddits that were selected earlier or on the main page of Reddit. If you specify a word “automotive” in the “subreddit” field, you’ll get a list of subreddits, associated with the automotive topic. Such an auditory is difficult to call “the target one”, but such an auditory is a better choice, than the non-target one.

“Subreddits” – exactly this way we will use, because in this case you have the possibility to choose the specific auditory. For one advertisement it is allowed to indicate the only one subreddit. If I like to make my advertisement visible for users, who are addicted to the fishing, I need to introduce the keyword “fishing” and I will see the list of relevant subreddits.

At the moment, some of the specified subreddits are inactive or differ in the too small auditory, so that’s why it is needed for you to visit these subreddits and take a look how they fit with the terms of your product promotion. Moreover it is needed to identify the number of their subscribers.

I’ll choose the “fishing (r/fishing)” subreddit, because it has the sufficiently big auditory and it corresponds to my advertisement.

The next stage is the budget setting and scheduling.

The lowest possible budget is 20 dollars per one advertisement, which will give you 13 333 views. Such an ad is notably cheap. In our case, the process of scheduling is getting very complicated, because the ads are displayed by turns in every subreddit. However, a number of all the possible shows is limited.

Sometimes the launch of campaign can fail the next day (i.e. in my case the campaign will be launched only in a few days. Moreover, you will be possibly needed allocate the budget for several days, in order to realize all the paid shows. After the date selection, the service will offer you some recommendations (i.e. in my case, they are marked in the red color) regarding the possible date of the campaign launch.

The more users have your selected subreddit, the quicker your advertisement will gain the sufficient number of shows. After completing the scheduling, we click on the “create” button, and then – on the “pay” button.

Just complete all the fields and click on the “authorize payment” button. After that you will receive a conformation letter. And then your advertisement will be manually verified. The verification is carried out during working hours.

As soon as it’s approved, you will receive the notification e-mail.

After the ad activation it is possible to keep track of its efficiency, clicking on the “traffic” link:

The Click-through rate (CTR) – is the ratio of users who clicked on your advertisement, as well as all users who viewed that.

This rate demonstrates how well your ad is suitable for the selected audience. If you have a low CTR and a high rate of cost per click, the first thing you need to do is go back one step and ask yourself if your ad is appropriate for this audience.

If the answer is positive, you should pay attention to the pictures in the ad and the title. Think about how to upgrade the ad, so that the audience showed more interest to it. As for the cost-per-click (CPC) rate, you should aim at a figure of 0.5% or higher.

If your ads show lower indexes and do not lead to a conversion, you should pause this ad! Let your ads spend at least $5 before you pause them.

To pause or cancel an ad, you must send an email to [email protected], with the following information:

  • Link to an ad
  • Your username on Reddit
  • The reason for the pausing or cancellation

Before you decide to pause your ad, try making the changes to it.

Replacing a picture or changing the title can significantly increase CTR and the conversion rate.

Detailed instructions on how you want to change the ad, you need to send to [email protected]

Attracting the targeted traffic using a set of emails

We had the idea of creating a set of emails to attract attention to our product. We set a goal – to generate the cheap clicks and simultaneously create a mailing list and increase sales!

We looked through a lot of ideas for our campaign and chose the niche of cat owners.

We wanted to create around our ad a certain aura of mystery, so that the users had a desire to click on it, and we were able to convert the traffic coming to our site in money equivalent. I analyzed which posts in the subreddit /r/Cats are most popular.

We chose this particular subreddit, since a significant part of our target audience participates in it – the number of subscribers of this subreddit is more than 300 thousand.

To attract the attention of Reddit users, we picked up an intriguing title written in the form of a question. As a result, we were able to generate cheap moving to our site. All traffic was received within a week, so I could not make any changes to the ad to improve its efficiency. I’m sure that if we slightly changed the image in the ad, we could significantly reduce the CPC index.

We received 103 targeted clicks and paid only $20 for them.

Landing Page

We created a simple landing page that provides some meaningful information and at the same time allows us to advertise our offer. I developed a simple logo, added here the text about this breed of cats and inserted some information from another site. And we added 10 photos of cats to this page.

The collection of e-mail addresses is performed using a pop-up window that captures the leads. If the user views the landing page within a few seconds, a window with our suggestion pops up.

We ask users to enter their e-mail in order to participate in the free t-shirt give away. As soon as the user sends us his e-mail, we redirect it to the thank you page.

Here we provide subscribers with the opportunity to buy this T-shirt for 19.95 USD and do not take a chance. We placed on this page an affiliated link to the page of our T-shirt on the Amazon website. Thus, when we sell one T-shirt, we will get a profit in an amount of 8.9 USD.

And then we sent one letter to each of our subscribers within 5 days.

In this letter I announce the winner. In addition, it provides subscribers with another opportunity to buy our T-shirt by clicking on the affiliated link. As a result of the drawing, we spend only 11 USD for one T-shirt and get 8.95 USD for each purchase (commission deducted).

Finally, we sold 4 T-shirts and the profitability ratio on investment was 75%. In addition, we designed a highly targeted mailing list that can be converted into money equivalent through our purchase funnel as well as further increase profits.

Bonus: Use different approaches when advertising your products

How does BMW advertise its cars? Entire their marketing activity is built on the impressions of driving: how aggressive and dashing it is. They don’t pay a lot of attention to other factors as security, cost, luxury or environmental friendliness. In the field of Internet marketing, this is called as “aspect of advertising activity”, namely what approach the company use to conduct its advertising campaigns for its product.

So, how do we use this in advertising campaigns on Reddit? The first aspect is the headline and the picture of your advertisement, and then the landing page to be. It is the place where you present your aspect.

Let us assume, we have a CPA offer: Send flowers, and the company pays 6 USD for each order for 30 USD.

Let’s think about and give some reasons for buying flowers:

  • Apologize to your wife or girlfriend;
  • Make a surprise for your wife or girlfriend;
  • Ask out on a date;
  • Revive or strengthen a relationship;
  • Show how important this person is to you (a gift for mother);
  • Joke – send a lot of flowers with a note;
  • Support a colleague;
  • A birthday present, etc.

These are aspects that we can apply. If we choose the “Ask out on a date” aspect, then our target audience is single men.

You can draw them with the following headlines:

  • Ask girl out on a date – send her a flower with a note.
  • If you send flowers to a girl, your chances of a date are increasing.
  • Want to ask out on a date? The best way is to send her flowers!

Moreover, at the end of the headline you have to add a text with a call to action: Click here to order flowers or Click here to send flowers.

You never know which way will work. Therefore, it is very important to test all aspects and texts of ads in order to determine the best option.


Ads on Reddit are an undeveloped source of traffic that can generate a large volume of sales and leads for your business. There are not so many marketing experts who work with this source. A lot of users are afraid to use this source because some activity is implemented via e-mail. When you start working with Reddit, you will be confused that you have not used it before. Step up to work with Reddit creatively, test different approaches and you will definitely succeed on this service!

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