What is Golden Reddit?


What is Golden Reddit?

Reddit Gold is one of the ways to make money on Reddit. It implies a membership providing the user with an expanded range of services, including removing advertisements and a bonus of 700 coins. The subscription cost is 5.99 USD per month (previously it was 3.99).

What features does Reddit Premium have?

1. No annoying ads. This is quite convenient, provided that special blockers can’t always block pop-up ads.

2. Receiving coins every month. For the first purchase of premium access, users receive 1000 coins, and then a further 700 coins per month after receiving membership status.

3. Changed design. This is a great solution for those who want to see a non-standard site design.

4. Creating your own Snoo mascot Reddit, which can be named depending on the breadth of imagination.

5. Highlighting new comments. This is one of the most important advantages. To avoid a lengthy search, new comments that have been published since the last visit to the site are highlighted.

6. Remembering the last links visited from the computer.

7. Special subreddit for premium subscription members.

8. Increasing the number of comments on the profile page. For regular users, this number is 500 comments, while for premium subscribers – 1500.

9. Ability to view saved comments. This feature allows you to view comments saved in a separate subreddit.

10. Creating notes about your friends.


It is worth noting that the purchase of premium access allows you to use a wide range of services on Reddit. The advantage is also the ability to develop and support the existence of the site.