Top-10 of downvoted comments


Top-10 of downvoted comments

After reading them, you can understand what type of content should be avoided to build a good karma account. Let’s start with the countdown.

10. Political topics (/r/iama)

Was published by candidate 1 of the US political parties. You might think that the post presented was authentic. However, after studying the facts, it turned out that the information does not correspond to reality.

9. Indignation on the part of the consumers (/r/fo76)

The submitted comment was published in response to a request from a gamer to improve the game. Users have verified the history of Bethesda. In the end, it figured out that it was a pre-prepared reply that was used in other posts.

8. Protecting Donald Trump (/r/army)

The President refused a trip to the landmark military cemetery where an attack by German troops was repulsed in 1918. However, the security adviser considered this an “unconvincing reason” and posted this entry on Twitter.

7. Inappropriate behavior in the game (/r/leagueoflegends)

It was published by the main participant in the riots. Redditors exposed his misconduct in relation to a player in the League of Legends discord.

6. OPTS for posts (/P/me_irl)

ONCE more, this Post belongs to one of those where the OP requests for downvotes on his comment.

5. again the original poster caused a reduction in bids (/r/BikiniBottomTwitter)

4. Electricity from the nipple (/r /WTF)

Redditor published a photo of an electric chair made by himself. Surprisingly, the user has 2900 karma points left.

3. Mod Misuse (/r/roll20)

Instead of this comment it’s possible to read the post here. It is not known for what purpose this was done.

2. Perfectly balanced (/r/ thanosdidnothingwrong)

Another post downvotes the rating of the comment.

1. EA steals people (/r/StarwarsBattlefront)

It was a reply from an EA employee to a gamer’s terrible review of micro-transactions. However, companies are trying to get the last money out of people as much as possible in exchange for some advantages within the game.