The most popular posts on Reddit


The most popular posts on Reddit

Every day a few posts get to the first page, but only a few may remain in the top. The article below lists the 10 most popular posts on the Reddit site in ascending order.

10. DiCaprio will be awarded an Oscar! (r/movies)

It was the most memorable evening in the history of the ceremony. In 2016, Leonardo DiCaprio had received the coveted statuette. The post received more than 141 thousand votes.

9. Because of the health risks associated with the Olympic Games in Rio

This is not a post, but a simple logo made by the Redditor to show what is happening in brief. At that time, the virus posed a huge threat to the health of athletes and spectators. The image carried a specific message, and went “viral” in a couple of hours.

8. Remember this

It was dedicated to the flint water crisis (2014), because then there was lead poisoning of drinking water. This post opened the eyes not only of people in the U.S., but also gained supporters around the world.

7. Data leakage with capacity of 2.6 TB of Shell

It was an anonymous transfer of internal documentation from the law firm Mossack Fonseca. The information contained in the documents revealed the scheme for managing the funds of individual groups of the population.

6. It was supposed to be Bernie

Could Bernie Sanders become the new President of the United States? This topic was hotly debated after trump’s victory. There is an opinion that Sanders won the unofficial presidential race.

5. Paternal instinct saves two children

There is nothing saving a person’s life in the image of a superhero, especially when it comes to children.


4. Sheila Fredrick is a flight attendant who rescued a teenager from being exploited by a human trafficker.

She was on duty on a flight from Seattle to San Francisco, when she took a notice of an adolescent accompanied by an adult man. Sheila took the girl to the bathroom and warned the pilot. Upon arrival, the suspect was taken under arrest by the police.

3. I am Barack Obama, President of the United States

The post with the President received more than 216 thousand votes on Reddit, as users clearly did not expect this. Obama answered many questions, despite his work schedule.

2. Thank you, Obama (r/pics)

The public outcry was caused by the end of President Barack Obama’s term. This post has become the most popular of all time. Many users expressed support. Citizens from other countries even took part in the discussion.

1. Guardians of the first page (r/funny)

The main reason for the popularity of this post was the claim that it was a high-quality post.