The extended manual to Reddit karma and Reddit Gold


The extended manual to Reddit karma and Reddit Gold

Reddit is a site where you can create high-quality content and then sell it to other participants by voting. Also it’s a platform where people can discuss any topic (for example, politics) and find materials on issues that they are interested in.

What is Reddit Karma?

It is an excellent indicator of profile development, displaying the social rating of each user. It is formed by determining the total number of points that were received for the content provided. Also, when you get additional votes, your karma increases. There are 2 types of karma – post and comment.

It’s directly influenced by other users, who may increase or decrease the rating of the content provided. If you have high scores, you get more audience coverage, and your karma increases accordingly. If the rating is low, this may negatively affect the user’s karma.

How does Reddit Karma work?

When the user wants to get a karma, a special algorithm is used that determines the amounts of points. If a user has a low social rating, Reddiyors may be considered him as outsider. In this case, Redditors will not pay special attention to the content provided, since the user will not be recognized as part of the community.

How do I check my Karma score?

To do this, you just need to point the cursor at the name of a specific user. It’ll show the period during the person was a part of Reddit, the karma of comments, links, and the overall rating of the profile. Therefore, you should avoid distributing substandard content.

What is Reddit gold and the advantages of using?

Reddit gold is a payment method that provides additional services and assistant to stimulate business. You can buy it for yourself or give it to another user.


  • Choosing various themes. Since the site provides common templates and layouts to ordinary users, customers with Reddit gold have the right to choose it themselves to individualize their own reading experience.
  • Storing URL between different servers. This is because Gilded Reddit users track the links available to them, regardless of the used computer, until they log out of their account.
  • Ads blocking. When buying Reddit gold, any pop-up ads will be sent to the ban.
  • Highlighting of comments. «Golden» users can highlight comments that have appeared since their last visit to the site.

Other characteristics can be viewed by dividing the daily point.

Home page and subreddits

The initial page contains content posted on subreddits that are represented as indexes, technologies, world news, gambling, and so on. If the subreddit is popular and profitable, it can eventually be installed by the main page of the site.