Manual quoting on Reddit


Manual quoting on Reddit

Reddit is a modern social media platform designed to discuss various topics and vote for content provided by other users.

Other popular features of the service include:

  • Karma-aimed at controlling spam on the site, and increasing or lowering the rating of users for posted content.
  • Subreddit – small thematic communities.
  • An ability to quote other people’s statements – for this purpose, you can create a separate block inserted in the comments as a link to quotes.

10 steps to quoting on Reddit

There’s a detailed instruction on how to correctly quote on Reddit. The procedure is simple, but you need to follow the instructions clearly.

Step 1. You need to open Reddit by going to the site in any browser on your computer – this can be Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari (if you have an Apple Mac). If your account is not logged in, you must first enter your details by clicking the «Log In» button.

Step 2. Find the message where you want to insert the quote as a comment. To open it, click on the «Message Header».

Step 3. Review the comments and select the one from which the text will be quoted. If you need to select text from the original message, there’s no need to scroll to the comments section.

Step 4. At first you have to click, and then select the cursor you are interested in a piece of text.

Step 5. Copy the selected text. You can do this by pressing «Ctrl + C» (Windows) or «Command + C» (Mac).

Step 6. Scroll down to the comment as field and select the quotes checkbox in the text editor. It is represented as «», so you can click on it to place the quoted text.
Please note that if you need to respond to someone’s comment, at first click the «Reply» button which is located below the comment itself to launch the text editor.

Step 7. Insert the text fragment using «Ctrl + V» (Windows) or «Command + V» (Mac). You can also right-click and select the «Insert» option.

Step 8. Press «Enter» again to move to a new line. Then click on «Backspace» to delete the «Quote Formatting» function.

Step 9. Now you can respond to comments left under the published quote. The response will be published under the quoted text.

Step 10. The last step is to select the comment tab in the text editor. Thanks to this, your comment will be posted along with the quote. When responding to a specific comment, click the «Reply» button.

It is worth noting that you can also quote text from the Reddit mobile app. To do this, put «>» at the beginning of each line before the quote. This feature was not previously available to app users.