How To Flair A Post On Reddit


How To Flair A Post On Reddit

«Flair» is a tag placed beside the nickname or message headline in subreddits. It additionally enables you to sort the content posted in the feed. In this manual basic steps for tagging are shown.


Personal Flair. A user selects it to be displayed next to the nickname. One subreddits are enabled to specify only characters, however another subreddits are allowed you to specify a text only.
The example

3. To put a mark in the line «Show User Flair».

4. Select the desired style from the submitted list and click on «Apply» for saving your changes.

5. Flair should be reflected in the subreddit that you are logged in.

Flair post

The thread must be posted before you are able to flair it. The application form does not contain the «Flair» option.
After your topic is published, the «flair» will be located next to:

  • Comments.
  • Share
  • Save.

«Flair» will be displayed on the comment page below a text block but above the comment field.


Using a flair is the best way for a user to form the best impression of Reddit. Thanks to the sorting specificity, users can only view the content that interests them.