How to correctly specify a link in Reddit?


How to correctly specify a link in Reddit?

Now we will talk about how to correctly add links to a site that contains text, and used in conversations and comments.

What is the anchor text?

As a rule, this is a certain fragment in the text that you can click on to go to another site.

How to link in Reddit?

To correctly specify a URL in Reddit, pay attention to the items presented below:

1. Log in to Reddit and open the message.

2. Type a comment. To do this, you must not break the rules of the subreddit to avoid deleting it.

4. Open the comment and choose the words that are needed for the anchor text. In Reddiquette, you should only use the appropriate words and do not use click baits to violate the accuracy of information and disorient users.

5. Go to the Link tab, which is prominent in yellow.

6. Paste the link and click «Insert» button.

7. When switching on the anchor text that users will see the associated website.