How to change your Reddit username and tips when choosing it?


How to change your Reddit username and tips when choosing it?

Over time, users of various sites will want to change their profile names in any way. But this is quite difficult to implement.

The reasons for the change of username

The main causes include the following:

  • Trends. Nicknames are often created during the period of popularity of a particular topic (trend). Then it becomes less popular, and consequently, is no longer relevant.
  • Incorrect information. For example, a user created a profile when they were teenagers. Over time, the user’s age and nickname will not match each other, and this may cause a misconception about the person.
  • Choosing the wrong nickname.

How to select a username?

Since the user’s nickname can’t be replaced after saving the settings, you ought to take full responsibility for choosing it. To do this, use the tips provided below.

1. Purpose

When picking a username, one has to take into account the activity field for using Reddit. As an example, if your profile constitutes a certain commercial organization, then you must specify its name in the name.

2. Using of the name generator

To search for all sorts of user names, this program will make it easier to choose one. To date, there a lot of programs that could be employed to generate user names.

3. Spin-XO.

Spin-XO is the most frequently used nickname generator. To create a nickname, you must provide 6 specific items about yourself, namely:

  • Real name.
  • Character.
  • Hobbies.
  • What are you interested in.
  • Important words.
  • Figures or letters.

Data must be entered in the appropriate fields, and the next step is to click on the «Spin» button. Then a list of names will be provided out of which you could choose the most appropriate one.

For Reddit, a special software component is not included in the Spin-XO to generate names. But you can choose the «Nickname» function and on searching.


This site is used to generate Reddit usernames. When you go to the site, a list of alternative be provided. In case you don’t feel like choosing one of them, the other nicknames can be received by clicking the «Randomize» button.

5. «Name-Generator»

Another program to generate – You must provide the following information:

  • Full name.
  • Gender.
  • Birthday.
  • 2 adjectives that describe you.
  • Location.
  • Scope of activities.

Thereafter, you ought to click on the «Enter multiple usernames» button, and a specific nickname will be provided to you.


Despite the above information, there’s no easy way of changing the username. However, you will need to remove an old account for Reddit and register again instead.