How long after the purchase the reddit accounts will be available to users?


How long after the purchase the accounts will be available to users?

We grant users access to their accounts within 12 hours after purchase

What types of accounts can users purchase?

There are 3 kinds of accounts:

  • New accounts;
  • Advanced accounts with karma at least 1000 points
  • Accounts with karma from 4000 points.

Can the Reddit administration block my account?

No, it can’t. If your posts could be canceled, it would mean that your account is subject to blocking. However, this would be too simple a procedure for blocking the accounts of any users.

Can a subreddit block an account?

Yes, the subreddit has every right to ban the account. The administration does not welcome spam on Reddit. If redditors suspect you of buying accounts, you will be blocked. In this case, everything depends on you.

How many Reddit accounts can one person have?

This depends on the competition of users in the subreddit where you develop your profile. To estimate the required number of accounts, you can view the first page where they are published.

Do you Cooperate with any agencies or intermediaries?

Yes, we cooperate. For more information on your questions, you can contact us via chat (the icon for the transition in the lower right corner).

Is there any discount for buying in bulk?

If you are interested in a long-term marketing campaign, please contact us.

What should I do if I am not happy with my order?

In this case, please contact us to find out the reason and we will correct the errors in the order.