How do I get access to comments and deleted threads back on Reddit?


How do I get access to comments and deleted threads back on Reddit?

One of the most common things encountered by users is a notification [deleted]. It occurs due to the fact that messages were removed by the Moderator for some reason. The message content is unavailable, but the title and the source stream are displayed.

The ways to get an access

In order to regain access to deleted comments and threads on Reddit, the following methods can be applied:

1. Removeddit

It is considered the best method to recover. You just have to change the word Reddit in the URL for removeddit. After the replacement, the cached version opens on the webpage.

As an extension,

will be changed for

An additional advantage of this method is that the messages are highlighted:

  • Red if it was removed by a moderator.
  • Blue if the user deleted them.

To quickly access deleted content, you ought to move the bookmarklet to the bookmarks tab. If a remote record is detected, click on the bookmark. In this case, the archived version will be downloaded.

2. If you failed to restore the removed record as mentioned above, it is possible to do so by other means. To do this, you just have to change the letter «R» for the letter «S» – Reddit for Seddit. The principle of operation is similar to Removeddit.

Earlier some users have reported that Seddit doesn’t work due to an invalid SSL certificate. However, all problems have now been resolved.