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Reddit complex promotion

At our disposal more than 20,000 accounts that are older than 2 years with a karma higher than 1000 for promotion on target subreddits.

We use our own automation systems that make the promotion as organic and efficient as possible.

We have been promoting on Reddit for more than 5 years. Last year, we collected more than $ 15 million for ICO, generated more than 500,000 real subscribers for YouTube channels, also working with blogs, blockchain and IT companies, educational companies, adult projects, news portals and so on.

We undertake to analyze your project, find suitable subreddits for it with your target audience and move posts with your content to the first positions, which will allow to get traffic to your: articles, blogs, videos, landing pages, and so on. In addition to promoting on popular subreddits, we can create a subreddit for your project and promote it by boosting subscribers and displaying posts in all/rising, so you can get real subscribers to your own subreddit and receive stable, relevant traffic in the future.

For reporting, we will provide an online table in which you can monitor the progress of your content promotion on Reddit, Medium, Bitcointalk, Quora, Linkedin in real time.


Complex Promotion

You need to deliver content that you want us to distribute and target keywords. Content could be: sites, landing pages, articles, press releases, texts, images, infographics, videos, blogs, youtube channels.

We will go on reddit, find best subreddits with your audience, then we will create posts using aged high karma accounts and boost posts to the top using our upvoting accounts. When post hit top, most of subreddit subscribers see it and if that is something interesting for them, they will check post or follow by your link.

Reddit has 90 DA and dofollow links, so they will increase your site DA and they will appear high on google by target keywords. So you will get traffic long-term. The same we do on Quora.

On Linkedin we will do few posts from 6500+ connections accounts and on biggest Linkedin groups. There are rich business audience on our accounts.

On Medium we do claps in case if you have published articles there 3k claps per article.

If you have crypto project then we can do posts from FULL Member account. If you need posts on crypto related forums, we can also do that from trusted accs. If you need bot support on Telegram, we will do that as well. But that is optional, if you don’t need that, we can’t decrease prices of packages.

Also you will have access to our web based bot and you will be able to boost your own posts on reddit, in case if you need that.

Steps to start

Steps to start Complex Promotion

Action plan to start the promotion is as follows:

1. You send us information about the project.

2. We prepare a reporting table.

3. In the table in a separate tab, we create a promotion plan for the first week.

4. We receive feedback from you regarding the plan, if something needs to be changed, we change it.

5. After approval of the plan, we send you an invoice for payment.

6. If payment is arrived before 15:00 EET, we start work on the same day, if not, then on the next or any other date if you ask us about it.

7. Daily updating of the table with all links and work results.

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