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Dear friends, in this post I’d like to share with you my best practices regarding the traffic attraction from

That’s the another article about the English promotion.

Back in 2008, I published an article about another service – The website promotion by means of StumbleUpon. Since that time, I’ve been also used successfully for my personal websites, as well as clients’ ones. And only now I’m writing an article about it. But better late than never.

Reddit – is a popular English-speaking service where users can share the links on interesting materials in the Internet.

According to the service, now Reddit is on the 10th place in terms of attendance in the USA and 32nd – in the world.

The main audience of this website is USA, India, Great Britain, Canada and Australia:

Indicators of the visitors’ engaging are excellent:

  • Refusal indicators: 24,2%
  • Number of the website views per visitor: 10,18
  • Time on site: more than 17 minutes

But the most important feature of the Reddit service is the ability to effectively attract visitors on your website with very low expenses in compare with other channels.

Reddit’s advantages:

  • It’s much easier and faster to attract the traffic than via Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram.
  • Even a beginner can quite easily get several thousands of visitors per day for his website.
  • Unlike many other social services, the publications on Reddit are not only visible to your auditory, but also to all users, who are currently viewing the page with him.
  • It’s a very trust service. Domain authority indicator (Moz Domain Authority) is 99 of 100.
  • On Reddit, it is possible to get the direct dofollow link, if your message gains some votes.
  • For the effective start for working it’s not obligatory to have a lot of friends, as in other social networks.
  • For the work with this service there are suitable even young websites.
  • In general, the scheme of work is very simple and there is nothing difficult here. If you’re able to work hard, analyze and persevere, you’ll get ahead for sure.
  • By mean of this service it is possible to promote both informative and commercial websites. Of course, there’s no sense to promote the commercial websites directly. But if you create a blog on the website and fill it with the interesting publications, it’s possible to get the successful promotion in this way. I have some friends in the English-speaking Internet, which get the majority of orders on their commercial websites through keeping blogs on them.


  • It happens that there is so much traffic on Reddit that the server “falls” because of high load.
  • Not every link of this service is the dofollow (if the message does not gain some votes).
  • Not every link is “popping” in terms of traffic. But the more practice you have, the more successful this will be.

Even a beginner can get several thousands of visitors’ clicking from Reddit to your website. For more experienced guys, the attraction of several ten thousands of visitors per day – is not the limit.

The natural modesty doesn’t allow me to boast with the statistics screenshots, but I can say that several times I succeeded to get such traffic with Reddit that the promoting website of my client was “groaning” during the peak attendance from this service. In general, it was happening thanks to the fact that my link was placed on the main page of this service. From the moment of publication, it took 6 hours to get on the main page.

To be honest, I have a target. I really want “to fall” this client’s server by the Reddit traffic. I will definitely succeed it in the nearest months. I’m a maniac, after all.

Of course, even though I’ve been training on Reddit since 2008, I don’t consider myself to be a cool specialist in this service. I don’t succeed everything, but I’m not upset of it. There are “big boys” for whom my results are considered as a third year pupil ones. Well, that’s okay, even though I’m not grabbing stars from the sky. However, during these years I learned a bit, whatever.

And now, I’d like to share with you these slender knowledges about Reddit.

  1. 1.The promoting page of your website should be very qualitative. Ideally, it must be the best in this matter all over the Internet. And there’s nothing to discuss about it. Just it should be so.
  2. 2. The website itself must make a good impression and have an up-to-date design. It shouldn’t be advertisement-packed.
    It is also important in case when someone complains on your link – then the moderator of service will enter your website. If he sees that it’s a low-quality and a satellite website – a risk of the link deleting and account blocking increases repeatedly.
  3. 3. Your website should be adapted for the mobile devices, as well as an advertisement on it. A good part of visitors from Reddit uses the smartphones and tablets for entering.
  4. 4. It is preferably to have a form for subscription on your e-mail messaging on your website. However, in the English-speaking Internet as it’s said, it’s a must have.
    You must admit that it will be foolish to attract a several thousands of visitors on your website and not to offer them a possibility to subscribe on your e-mail messaging.
    I can tell from my experience that Reddit can accelerate the growth of your subscribers’ base very efficiently.
  5. 5. On this website, do not like a spam. The community of users fights very hard with it. If it comes up something like spam, then the complaint will be submitted very quickly to moderators, and those will take measures.

It is must be taken into consideration, that the Reddit account is not the same as accounts from other social networks. On Twitter and Facebook, you can publish only the links on your website and nothing more and everything will be okay.

But with Reddit this will not work. If you start to post links only to your Website, more likely your account will be quickly banned.

No two bans are alike there. An account can be just banned or a domain of your website can be banned. As a result, neither you nor anyone else will ever be able to place a link to your website on this service.

The optimal ratio of posts on Reddit is 1:5 or 1:10. This means that, for one link to your site you should post 5-10 links to other sites.

  1. 6. What other websites do I refer to? For this, do not spare to spend an hour or two of your time and research what materials are extremely popular.
    It is not necessary to reinvent the wheel. Just analyze what users like within this service, find related materials and place the links over there.
  2. 7.  Your account should look fine. Comment on what you like, put “likes” (upvotes), in a word, lead an active social life.
  3. 8. There are two types of posts on Reddit: links and text notes. Links are good for traffic, notes – for links.

Examples of link notes can be found on the Reddit’s main page. That links immediately lead to other websites.

Examples of text posts can be found in this subreddit: /r/TellMeAFact.

For example:

When a text note gets a certain number of votes, its link will automatically become dofollow. A lot of subreddits require 3 votes, some – 5 or more.

One such link in terms of the effect costs tens and hundreds of others, as Reddit is a very trust resource, which Internet searchers like very much. As well, it is possible to get a click by interested users on your own website.

One of the reasons why the dofollow links from this service work well for promotion is that Reddit is a partner of Google Social Data Hub. And Google appreciates and respects its partners.

Within text notes, you can place links with text not only as a website address and the general words like “this”, but also in the form of search queries:

The key is to do everything smartly and accurately.

  1. The basis of service is subreddits. In fact, these are categories. For example, this subreddit is about video: /r/videos / and this is about space – /r/space/.

The key to success is a choice of the right subreddit for post. Observe carefully the subreddits that are suitable for the topic and choose among them those that have more participants.

In most cases the greater number of participants means greater potential for attracting visitors.

In order to find the subreddits of the desired topic, enter the query in the search box of the service in the right column.

If you click on the advanced search under the search box, you can see a special language of queries for searching of subreddits or links to a specific website, for example a competitor.

For example, you can see all links to the website

As for me, I discovered so many interesting things in terms of promoting on Reddit, when I was examining how my competitors operate skillfully over there.

  1. The rules of placing materials in one or the other subreddit are in the right column. It is necessary to read them in order to find out what can and cannot be posted. I do not recommend breaking the rules.

For example, here are the rules of the subreddit about video mentioned above:

By the way, this subreddit is great for promoting video from Youtube.

Obviously, not each video is suitable for this, but those that are suitable get a lot of views, likes and comments that finally allows them to take the top places in the Google search engine. Moreover, the effect of this promotion of the video is long-term and the video can take a top place for years.

In order to assess what potential holds in this subreddit, it is enough to look at the number of its participants:

  1.  This seems as a kind of weird, but in the beginning, I recommend to post the materials in not so popular subreddits, but to train in the simpler ones.

When you have already mastered the basic of work with this service, you can easily move on to popular subreddits.

It should be borne in mind that some popular subreddits do not allow make posts of users with a low karma.

Some of them have another restriction, namely the account has to be older than a certain age, for example a month or two.

  1.  It is necessary that within your website there are icons with links to accounts of your website in the social networks in order that visitors from Reddit could join them. Traffic from this service gives a good flow of followers and subscribers in social networks.
  2.  From the very beginning it is preferable to work for increasing karma (however, as in real life) on Reddit.

I kindly recommend you to use service as the cheapest place to build own accounts or buy old accounts with high karma.

You can create your own account, search interesting content, it can be cats or fresh funny video. Then you need to post it in popular subreddits for memes, videos or cats. Now you can buy 100-200 up votes to move your content to section “hot”, it would be enough to make post go viral and get a lot of karma points.

Or you can go by faster way and just buy account. Old reddit account with 1000-5000 karma will cost around $30-$40.

  1.  Through trial and error, I came to the conclusion that the best time to publish on Reddit is from 7 am till 11 am by New York time.

Publication at this time allows you to reach the audience to the maximum.

In addition, if the material is successful, then it has a chance to get into the top in its subreddit or even get on the main page of the service until the end of the day.

Those publications that I was able to display on the main page, the process of getting into it took 5-6 hours.

If on the same day the material does not get into the top of subreddit or on the home page, the chances of getting there the next day are significantly reduced.

  1. Personally, my use of paid advertising on Reddit did not give the desired result. It is much more profitable to attract visitors for free.
    In my opinion, many users of this service have already a great eye, and they do not click on the sponsored link, preferring the usual ones. So to say, “advertising blindness.”
  2.  Your first 8-10 publications on Reddit should not contain the links to your site.

In general, I advise to post the first ten publications not immediately, but to extend for a week.

It is desirable to vote for several favorite materials every day, and also to comment on them.

  1.  It is also desirable to carry out activities not in one, but in several subreddits. And several of them may well have completely different topics than the promoted site.

I wish you to attract a sea of ​​visitors!