How do I format Reddit?
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How do I format Reddit?
This is an instruction for correctly formatting text in Reddit. It will help improve the readability of the text, as well as the involvement of comments, using special tags and syntax.
1.1 Using italics
To do this, select «*» or «_» separate text fragments.

1.2 Bold font
Separate text elements must be marked with «**» or «__». The example shows how formatting occurs.

1.3 Citation
The «<» symbol is used for quoting the text. You can also attach the required text as an attachment, as shown below.

1.4 Text above the line
Selecting Superscript text is called Superscript. To do this, use «^». They can also be folded.

1.5 Strikethrough text
The text can be crossed out by using the «~~» symbol:

1.6 Formatting inline code
You can use this tool to insert a code snippet into a line in a comment. You can format it using «’».

1.7 Block Code
The block code can be added by starting the line with 4 spaces if needed, as it is displayed below.

1.8 Escaping Special Characters

How to specify a link in Reddit
2.1 Simple link
Here is an example of how to do this

– Link To Reddit
2.2 Text for hover links
To add an HTML header tag to a link, do the following:

is converted to Hover Me.
2.3 Linking to a subreddit
If it’s needed to attach a link to a subreddit, you resort to the use of /r/photo, which will be displayed as /r/pics, instead of attaching the whole URL.
2.4 Escaping brackets in URL
If brackets are specified in the URL, they must be escaped:
You can get rid of them as follows:

will be changed in Reddit).
To get rid of, do the following:
to get a Reddit link.
2.5 Links cannot start with WWW
An important note is that your link must contain the scheme URI. For extension, it isn’t work if :

Auxiliary schemes are as follows:

2.6 Using Spoiler Tags
One of the recent features can be employed to attach a spoiler to posts and comments.
[Spoiler](/s specify spoiler text»)
This is more like a link, but if you hover your cursor over the word «spoiler», the full text will be displayed in a pop-up window. As a confirmation, you can click on Reddit’s Spoiler Tag announcement.
Adding Lists
3.1 Unordered list

3.2 Ordered Lists
To order the list, put a dot at the end.

Paragraphs and line breaks
4.1 Creating new rows
A line break can be formatted on Reddit by means of just pressing the Enter button.

4.2 Creating paragraphs
The process of creating a paragraph is much easier. To do this, just press the «Enter» button 2 times.

Creating a table
The example shows how a table is formatted using a table.

Symbol designations:
:- : center alignment;
:– alignment on the left edge;
–: right alignment.

Headers And Horizontal Lines
6.1 Headers
To add headers, you must add the «#» symbol before the text.
How it looks like:

6.2 Horizontal Lines
Formatting is performed by using «***» to create it.

ReddiFormat Chrome Extension
It was developed by Chris Golding and contains all the necessary information for correct formatting in Reddit.