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Why we are better?

The cheapest reddit upvotes, downvotes and comments
Aged accounts with high karma
Pay with Crypto, Paypal or Payoneer
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We don’t click on your links, we are searching for your post manually
Choose speed: fast, normal or slow
Make engaging comments from 1+ age and 1k+ reddit accounts
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Reddit-marketing.pro make upvotes?
We have 10000 aged reddit accounts for upvoting and 1000 high quality personal US proxies. We do reddit upvotes with random time delay. We don’t go directly by your link to avoid reddit spam filters!
How long do upvotes take to arrive?
It is very important to get upvotes in first minutes after you make post, because 1 upvote on first minutes will have much bigger effect in compare with 1 upvote after e.g. 1 hour. So we start driving upvotes in up to 5 minutes after you make an order. You also need to check meaningful speed on subreddit, to make boosting looks organic.

If you order fast reddit upvotes, they will go 1 per 5-10 seconds.

If you order slow reddit upvotes, they will go 1 per 60-120 seconds.

Reddit upvotes will go with 5-10 seconds delay by default.

Why do I need to order comments?
We also have an option to make engaging comments. If you are planning to drive your post to the top of big subreddit it is necessary to order comments from trusted accounts to make posts look naturally. It is quite obvious for redditors that you are manipulating with votes if your post gets 200 upvotes and 0 comments. We do comments only from 1+ age and 1000+ comment karma accounts with real history.
How many upvotes should I get?
To understand how many upvotes your posts are needed, you just need to go to “hot” or “top”section and check how many upvotes get best the highest posts there (don’t count the pinned posts).
Why does it seem like nothing has happened?
There can be two reasons:

  • Post can be removed. To avoid wasting money on upvotes for removed posts / comments – check if the post is visible in subreddit from another account or in another browser.
  • Old posts / comments. Don’t try to drive upvotes / downvotes to posts / comments that are older than 1 week.

Please, contact us immediately in such situation so we fix it on the fly.

How many upvotes I can order for 1 post
100 upvotes are maximum for 1 post, don’t duplicate orders for the same post.
Are there any bonuses?
Yes. We always do bonuses for our regular clients!
After you buy 500 reddit upvotes or downvotes you will get 5% more upvotes.

After you buy 1000 reddit upvotes or downvotes you will get 10% more upvotes.

After you buy 2000 reddit upvotes or downvotes you will get 20% more upvotes.

After you buy 5000 reddit upvotes or downvotes you will get 50% more upvotes.

Does Reddit-marketing.pro offer packages for Reddit marketing?
Yes, our team members have 4+ years of experience in reddit growth hacking and tons of successful cases. We’ve raised over $15M for ICOs in 2018. We make profit everyday for blogs, youtube channels, ICOs, blockchain and IT companies, newspapers, education companies and adult projects.

Our marketing manager will create a plan for your marketing campaign, reporting spreadsheet, where he will report daily about the work which was done and do following:

  • 25+ boosted posts weekly
  • 60+ comments weekly
  • Posts and comments from trusted high karma accounts
  • 2500+ upvotes weekly
  • Subreddit creation
  • Subreddit managing
  • 700+ subscribers weekly
Do you make a partnership with agencies or resellers?
Yes, please contact us
Can you upvote/downvote old posts/comments?
No. We can drive upvotes/downvotes to posts and comments which are up to 2 hours old.
Can my account get banned from a subreddit?
Yes. Hard spamming on reddit will not go along well. If the subreddit moderators feel that you manipulate with upvotes, they can close a subreddit for your accounts. It is on you.
If you want to make your reddit marketing goes completely well and get the highest results you definitely need to try our full time marketing service.
Can I boost post or comment karma using your upvotes?
No, our upvotes boost comments and posts, move them high, but it doesn’t affect on account karma.

We are available 17 hours per day from 1AM to 6PM EST

Fluent English, Spanish, Russian speaking managers can answer on your quesions

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A Profitable and Safe Purchase of Reddit Upvotes

Recently there has been more and more content on the popular social network Reddit. Competition between users is increasing. This means that it is becoming more and more difficult and more expensive to promote your product. According to the internal rules of the Reddit system, in order to promote posts, you need to get more upvotes (likes). Such a rating system can seem complicated at first. But thanks to this, the target audience only sees useful content that interests them. 

How to get cheap Reddit upvotes? To promote your product, service or web project on the social network Reddit, you need to publish posts from an authoritative profile with a large number of votes. There are several ways to get votes:

  • Get them naturally through activity on the site (this can take more than 1 year);
  • Purchase from a specialized Reddit Marketing service.

Buying Reddit upvotes cheap can only be done on a specialized portal. Do not do it from private individuals, as there is a risk of getting your account blocked and losing the ability to publish content on the site for a long time. 

What are the Benefits of Buying Reddit Upvotes

If you want to promote content on the Reddit social network, you need Upvotes. The algorithms of the social network work in such a way that content will not be shown to the target audience without a certain rating and user activity. 

The Reddit Marketing portal gives you the opportunity to buy up to 1,000 Upvotes profitably. The more votes you buy at one time, the cheaper it is. Purchase is guaranteed. Votes are credited as quickly as possible, but no faster than 1 Upvote in 10 seconds (these are internal rules of the social network). 

The benefits of buying Upvotes on Reddit Marketing:

  • Multiple payment methods Crypto, Paypal or Payoneer;
  • Crediting the first votes in 10 minutes after confirming the application;
  • Only manual votes (no risk of deletion);
  • Change the accrual rate (slow, fast or standard);
  • Technical support 24/7 (purchased votes are covered by warranty, so you can always ask for help);
  • Voices are provided only from reputable and old accounts with good karma.

Many users like working with the Reddit Marketing service. Active customers are members of the bonus program, in which they receive even more discounts for active purchases of Upvotes and the use of other services.